the other half of the year


this part of the year adds to my spirit the old stones that tells me of history of this land in my blood! adds the liveliness of people living together, working together, a goal! Even this end of summer 2020, challenged with a world wide pandemic of a virus!

Arrived last evening enforced mask wearers in the bus and lively clusters of unmasked people at sidewalk cafés!

Desert near Tecopa

Of course in my mind the awesome near Death Valley desert . Where a few people live among the daily remembrance of once volcanos, slides of lava now hardened and black, Colors of deep sunset and ochre , a once Great Lake with big fish , now tiny in hidden creeks. Some those, comfortable realize the daily is unimportant !

3Moons project 2016 March through May


§§§ Saturdays, building workshops, March through May, 8am to lunch,

Then classes until 4pm,  questions, answers, explore ideas. Reserve (prepay with PayPal,$25, checks

!!!! Free! exchanges a week or more  hands-on, apprentices, wwoofers, volunteers

Daily at fire pit group up, warm ups plan for day, preparing food, work on composting toilets, building, with bottles, bags, plastic bottles, lunch prep and clean up, same as morning &or errands, &or explore world, Tecopa soaks! evening food prep, supper, ideas!! For next day! (remember!  Reserve by Feb 15 limited space)

 §§§ Quiet Hermitage! We coddle you! a quiet space to sleep, good food,(reserve, $75,for 1 or 2 people,  any 2 days, 1 night, 1breakfast,2 lunches,1 supper, private,comfy dble bed)

THE BIG WIND  EXHIBIT March 18 through May 14  tell everyone! create with and about WIND     AN INSTALLATION! SCULPTURE! WHATEVER YOU IMAGINE!   Jury by those who come, see and leave their votes!    Reserve by Feb 15, submit your proposal and  tell us how much space you will need 

ALSO!Let’s come together, sitting meditation, breathing, simple warm up chi kong     Sometimes evening fire pit.  music drumming!?!    

 talks on –  Medicinal plants  star gazing ,  Rock, critter & history walks,&&!   share with us who you would like to give a talk!  or, How about   You!  or offer your workshop?!Give us a talk!  

KNOW  about events and updates leave your name & email to

  Love to hear from you!  suggestions, ideas, comments!!!





2015 up  goes shed w chip,tim, karen martinez  IMG_1832

2015 pot luck party  IMG_1789-001
potluck gathering Geneva and her friends from Pahrump

11018319_738449572932019_1810342000849791256_n geneva & drumming
evening drumming around the fire pit! Geneva, Susan and friends

ON SITE WITH CINDY – break with a book!

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COMPLETING LAST SPRING’S PROJECT!                              Moving to the new site! thanks from Gary, Paul, Mo, Angelika. The Trailer found it’s new site! ** A new sun shed was made by Paul with Tim’s help. ** A mound  to set the water tank was built with long bags, with help from Andrew and John, Chip, Tim, Lucas and Flo. ** The straight wall earth bag shed was built with help from Paul, Eric, Rich, Chip,Tim, Geneva, Karen, Jehane. ** The fire pit glass bottles were made with John and Andrew,Eric and Jehane, Lucas and Flo. ** Around the trailer were low glass bottle walls and bamboo screens, thanks from Flo and Lucas, Rich and Jehane.

** Eric Ven and his students, created a couple of workshops, beginning a small dome.**  The completed shed was given the first layer of plastering , with the help of Geneva,David, Dave, Chandini, Rob. And!**  finally the roof went up with Paul and the help from John and Shelley! **  Besides work! we also had a couple of gatherings, potlucks, star gazing, drumming around the fire pit and just plain, hanging out! Now we look forward to the next spring’s projects!