JOIN 3 Moons project

JOIN !Help us! With Your muscles! Your intuitions and smarts! While others can help financially with PayPalMe/jehane3moons All of you become part of the 3moonsproject family come stay, visit, and see WATCH as we grow, change!! BECAUSE of all of your help! Just discovered this medieval drawing of Geometry ! the feminine aspect who develops … More JOIN 3 Moons project

3 moons project 2018

past season 2018 for the sunken little garden, dug down then built up with earth bags! built with Jon,meaghan, Donovan,then jessie, Martin, bing, tom March 4 2018 brrr! So appreciating the early morning close to the fire at pit! Getting ready for this next spring! first!  Barbara and John from BC. Wonderful seeds and even … More 3 moons project 2018

3 moons project 2017 Earth bag dome grows

going up with Miguel and Deb from Jamaica, Diana from Berlin, Kana from Tokyo, Tim, Timtim , Yann from Brussels, Moe from Canada, Paul from Tecopa!  Mary from LA and New Mexico, Lotte from Netherlands, Chip from here!Anthony and Ceatta, Jamie, Bob, Laurie, Steve from Las Vegas.3moons-2017 Mark created and built the deck  Nancy with the … More 3 moons project 2017 Earth bag dome grows